WP8 - Smart analytical data services


The main objective of this work package is to build the data mining and knowledge discovery services to support the identified user scenarios with a data mining focus. These tools and services will be integrated into the iManageCancer platform and support the smart data analytics. The data driven tools to be implemented will analyse the information in the iManageCancer database and draw conclusions related to the usage of the self-management platform, reported adverse events and health issues, individual health status, quality-of-life, compliance, etc.

This work package aims to:

a) deliver a mechanism which will be able to identify patterns in the iManageCancer database and evolve while the end users feed the platform with data , b) reveal patterns or trends in data, c) screen for pre-frailty states, d) implement efficient and effective visualization based on specific patterns and e) develop a mechanism to export anonymized data for further analysis with external tools.