WP7 - Serious games for self-management


This work package aims at developing and integrating serious games for iManageCancer that help the patient and his/her relatives to deal with the psychological dimension of their disease. Serious games have been proposed as a strategy to encourage healthy habits, face disease fight in a different perspective, and promote disease management. They shall support the patient in reducing stress, anxiety and related negative impact of the disease on their lives and social relations, and thus contribute to keep a positive attitude towards the disease and life.

While engaging in a challenging individual and/or social activity, serious games can also enhance patient’s knowledge through education, reduce feelings of uncertainty, and simultaneously increase confidence in decision making. From this perspective, serious games will provide also the opportunity to experience skills and coping strategies in facing cancer.

For children, a novel adventure game will be created focusing on therapeutic interventions and socialization aspects and to fight cancer. For adult cancer patients an educational game will be developed to promote healthy life-styles and socialisation in virtual scenarios of everyday life, strengthen self-efficacy and adherence to therapy.