WP6 - Psycho-emotional and health assessment tools


A psycho-emotional monitoring package and a family resilience evaluation will help to reveal coping resources and critical areas in the patient and his/her family. These tools will allow tailored information provision according to the patient’s preferences and attitudes as well as the development of personalized self-management action plans. This process will greatly improve the personalisation of decision support tools that will be delivered by the WP5 and will lead to better and more efficient decision support tools for physicians smart recommendations for the patients. In consequence, this work package will provide ICT based instruments to assess the psycho-emotional status of the patient and to evaluate the resilience in his family. A generic health enquiry tool will be developed that serves that purpose. In addition, support for the integration of off-the-shelve sensors and medical devices will be incorporated in the platform to assess relevant vital signs and parameters related to lifestyle. Access to acquired sensor data is given to the patient through the user interface components developed by WP4 Health Avatar PHR.