WP5 - Central decision support and guidance system


This work package will deliver the central knowledge based system for guidance and support of the decision making of the patient as well as a set of interrelated tools that focus on specific aspects of this decision process.

The objectives are: a) to develop formal knowledge models for the management and self-management of side effects of cancer therapy, medication and long-term follow-up, b) to develop a predictive model on adverse events for chemotherapy monitoring, c) to execute these models in a Care Flow Engine and associated components of the iManageCancer Platform, d) to develop an advanced personalized drug self-management tool, e) to provide a Personal Medical Information Recommender tailored on patients’ characteristics, f) to develop an adverse events alerter, based on the predictive model for chemotherapy monitoring, g) to develop a specific decision aid for the consultation process that support patients’ participation in clinical decision making and h) to integrate these tools with the overall iManageCancer.