WP4 - Health Avatar and PHR


Health Avatar PHR is the central access tool to iManageCancer services for clinicians, patients and relatives by using smart phones and tablets. PHR is the back end of the iManageCancer platform with a dedicated database able to support the needs of the iManageCancer services introduced by WP5, WP6, WP7 and WP8, while the health avatar is the front-end supporting different views for the two user groups (clinicians, patients) and personalized interfaces based on user preferences for each user.

The objectives of this work package are: a) to define the patient-centric user interface architecture of the iManageCancer, b) to develop the central PHR of iManageCancer platform and assist cancer patients to manage their own disease, c) to create a digital avatar acting as a mediator between the end-users and the iManageCancer personal health record and d) to enable the ‘clinical view’ of the PHR and enhance clinician – patient communication.