WP3 - System design and integration


This work package drives the software development process of the iManageCancer platform. It has three major objectives:

1) Developing a robust, secure, scalable and modern system architecture taking into account privacy regulation and specifying interfaces and functionality of each component on the basis of the formal use cases and the technical requirements obtained from WP2. Security issues will be covered in the design. As a fundamental principle the patient is the owner of his data and controls access to them for others like his doctors.

2) Providing a semantic interoperability framework to integrate disparate heterogeneous data sources.

3) Integrating the different components, testing, documenting and releasing a basic and an advanced system prototype and providing a test bed for successive clinical validation. An architecture based on loosely coupled RESTful services between the main components is envisaged with smartphones and tablets as the user interface devices for the patients, family members and doctors.

A reference architecture for iManageCancer Apps will be proposed based on multi-channel app development frameworks such as PhoneGap and Gordova. This work package will implement the UML and SCRUM software development methodology that the project will follow.