WP2 - Concept definition and system requirements


This WP will elaborate on the concept definition and system requirements for the proposed technological and clinical research infrastructure to develop the iManageCancer platform. The specific objectives include:

1. Empowering of patients and their relatives to better manage the cancer disease in collaboration with their healthcare providers by: a) giving them access to internet based tools and services for knowledge discovery, early detection of health deteriorations, decision support and managing their treatment including prescriptions and medications, b) providing them personalized and context-sensitive information in layman’s language, c) facilitating the usage of mobile devices to keep track of their health and disease status and to better communicate with their healthcare team, d) providing them serious games to manage the impact of the disease on their psychological status and to motivate them to participate in social life.

2. Support citizens in following a healthy and active lifestyle by optional wearable sensors connected to the platform in combination with recommendations for health-conscious behaviour through the decision support system.

3. Development of the iManageCancer platform that a) provides an easy-to-use interactive cockpit on mobile platforms, b) includes a health avatar as the guide to the services of the platform and c) incorporates an instrument for data driven analysis in public health research. As strong emphasis is put on the co-design principle for the system development feedback from patients, citizens and clinical care provider will be gathered through a questionnaire.