Tenovus is widely known as the leading cancer charity of Wales.

Set up in 1943 by 10 businessmen, its remit has expanded from drug development to cancer support services, one of the most recent examples being the ‘ManVan’, a converted bus bringing support services to men affected by prostate and testicular cancer in rural Wales.


HealthWatch Assistance was launched in November 2000 to offer a suite of medical and travel assistance services, including cost containment, in Greece and the Eastern Mediterranean region.

The company employs a range of professionals including doctors, nurses, lawyers and claims handling experts. Services are delivered through a sister company as well as through agreements with healthcare providers.

Beyond Greece, HealthWatch provides the same range of services in Turkey, Cyprus, Bulgaria, and Malta.


The German Childhood Cancer Foundation was established in 1995 by the federation of the regional parents' initiatives "German Leukemia Research Support, Action for Children with Cancer eV".

The foundation and umbrella organization was created as a merger of local parent groups, support associations and support groups in 1980; this is now representative of 74 local parents and support associations in Germany.

The foundation today is committed to ensuring that children with cancer can be healthy again, with no loss of quality of life or future opportunities.


Mamma Mia! Das Brustkrebsmagazin is the flagship of the company and the first independent Breast Cancer magazine published in the German-speaking world. A second magazine focused on ovarian cancer – Mamma Mia! Das Eierstockkrebsmagazin followed 2015 on the same basis.

Both magazines address all care and support topics concerning breast or ovarian cancer. They are published quarterly with a run of 20 TSD copies. Presented as high-quality lifestyle magazines, they were launched as a very innovative way of addressing the subject of breast/ovarian cancer but rapidly found a very high acceptance by patients, as well in the whole medical community who recognized the very high quality of the content.

Over the years ‘Mamma Mia!’ has also published many guidebooks on specific topics like genetic breast and ovarian cancer, genetic colon cancer, breast reconstruction, etc.

The latest projects involve two different apps elaborated to facilitate communication between patients and doctors for the first and between parents and children for the second.

Mamma Mia! has an online presence as well as a very active Facebook community with over 10,000 likes.

In 2008 Mamma Mia! had the honour of receiving the ‘Breast Cancer Communication Award’ from the German Cancer Society (Deutsche Krebsgesellschaft).

Mamma Mia! is published by ‘GeKo Verlag’, a two-woman publishing company created 2006 by Eva Schumacher-Wulf and Anne-Claire Bruehl.