What is the iManageCancer Wiki?

The iManageCancer Wiki offers a space for internal project communication. It is structured around the different WPs and can be easily developed and modified by any authorised iManageCancer project participant. The Wiki is an easy-to-use system which allows the sharing and editing of project information. Participants can use the system to brainstorm ideas and to collect external documents that could be used for deliverables.


To register for the access to the Wiki, please click here and then fill in and submit the form.

You will receive a validation email with instruction to confirm your email address. You will then receive a confirmation e-mail with the login details.

What is the shared documents server BSCW?

iManageCancer is using BSCW for the structured storage of project documents. BSCW enables participants to create documents, appointments, contacts, tasks and notes within the shared workspace.


To register for access to the documents server, please contact Lefteris Koumakis.